Monday, 1 September 2014

Wargames Foundry 30th Anniversary Commemorative Model: Cliff Ansell with his Four Careers

This is my first ever post on a blog! Here is Foundry's latest giveaway model, painted by me. And here is the text about it from the Foundry site:

It is the the 30th anniversary of Wargames Foundry on Monday 18th of August. This is also the birthday of our founder Clifford Ansell; So we have an unusual giveaway for you: It's a model of Cliff . The Cliff model comes with four models of model soldiers. Cliff has had four careers in his life: coal mining, the navy, teaching maths and making model soldiers. We have provided four appropriate models of  model  soldiers as part of the giveaway.  Every order will receive the miniature of Cliff and his four careers for the next month.

The model of the coal miner is cast on to Cliff's right hand, but the other three careers come loose in the bag so that you get to pick which one you stick in his left hand and which ones you attach to the base.

The model stands a bit over 40mm tall.

In these pictures he is already superglued on to his wooden display base to go under a clear plastic dome.


  1. Currently sitting in my painting queue!

    1. Hi Dave, it's surprisingly quick to paint. I would be very interested to see pictures of yours when it's done!